Private Events

Insider Privileges

Like tickets to the Superbowl, or backstage passes to your favorite performer, except with better food.

Since 1973, we have hosted special events of all kinds, from baby and bridal showers to corporate meetings, recruiting dinners, and family reunions and celebrations.

Our rooms are beautifully appointed to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. A private bar is available to provide cocktails exclusively for your party, so your guests can enjoy a drink while they mingle. A pull down screen is available for business presentations or a slide show, and a Delaney’s host will serve as your maitre d’ for the evening, to ensure your event runs smoothly.Delaney's fresh salad

And our menu…..yes, our menu is what really sets us apart. We offer selections from our dining room menu and special appetizers suitable for larger parties. We’re well known for steaks, which we age and hand cut on premise.

And for those who are not red meat eaters, we have a huge array of other delicious options.  We expertly prepare seafood dishes and combination platters. One of our most popular appetizers is the Delaney’s Seafood Up, with King Crab legs, large prawns, Colossal shrimp, steamed mussels, oysters, and/or seafood salad, depending on the catch of the day.  We have the finest selection of poultry and pork options as well.

Have something else in mind? We can create a custom menu for you. There are not many requests that we have not heard before – and we are always game to try something new.

So the next time you are hosting a special event, whether for an intimate group or a larger crowd, let Delaney’s Steak Seafood Wine make it a memorable one.


Party Appetizers

Seafood Up $65
Shrimp, King Crab, Mussels, Snow Crab and Seafood Salad

Shrimp Cocktail $2.50/per piece

Onion Rings $9 
Button Mushrooms $11
Sautéed in butter
Crab Cakes $13
With herbed aioli
The items below serve 20 – 25 people
Prime Rib Sandwiches $200
9lbs of shaved Prime Rib with All the Trimmings
Chicken Wings $40
With bleu cheese dressing
Meatballs $40
In bordelaise sauce
Lamb pops $3.50 per peice
Wisconsin Cheeses $60
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts $30
Cheese, Crackers and Sausage Tray $45
Artichoke Dip $30
Vegetable Tray $30
Whole Smoked Salmon Display $70